ecologist and photograper
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About Jeff Kerby, PhD


Jeffrey T. Kerby, PhD

William H. Neukom Institute for Computational Science Postdoc and Institute for Arctic Studies visiting fellow at Dartmouth College.

I’m an ecologist interested in how seasonality and extreme climatic conditions affect the evolution and outcomes of species interactions (i.e. the why and the what/when/where/how). In addition to traditional field methods, I rely heavily on drones, satellite imagery, and quantitative time-lapse photography as sources of information that I then mine for data using computer science approaches. See my Research tab for more on my academic work.

I also have a deep passion for documentary photo-narratives that share nuanced stories about science, conservation, and the people that dedicate their lives to these pursuits.  See the Photography tab for more on my photojournalism work with National Geographic Magazine and others.