ecologist and photograper



*This RESEARCH page is a work in progress/under construction, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with any specific questions as it grows!*

My research questions are shaped by a fundamental interest in the ecology of plant and animal interactions in seasonal and/or extreme environments. But why these interests? They arise from a fascination with the basic ‘rules’ that shape our world, and how these rules can be used to inform conservation and/or policy decisions in, what is quite frankly, a period of intense global changes in climate, land-use, and social-ecological systems.

Extreme and/or seasonal environments push species to their limits, revealing nuanced aspects of their relationships with one another and the environment that might otherwise be obscured.


In recent years, I have focused on the spatial and phenological dynamics of species interactions, particularly in the Arctic and the mountains of East Africa. My research includes theory and tools from community, landscape, and movement ecology, with a primary focus on plant-herbivore interactions in tundra ecosystems of Greenland, Canada and Russia.  

The concept of scale unites many of my research themes, linking the ecological dynamics of individuals and communities to broader regions, particularly in the context of climate change.  In addition to field observations and satellite-derived data, I incorporate quantitative time-lapse and VR-methods to explore traditional concepts in ecology from fresh and previously unavailable perspectives. I am the co-founder of the High Latitude Drone Ecology Network, and over the past 10 years, have extensively consulted and led-research projects using drones as both data collection and image collecting tools. See the DRONES tab for a brief description of some of these projects.