ecologist and photograper
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About Jeff Kerby, PhD


Jeffrey T. Kerby, PhD


I'm interested in how ecological traits affect species interactions, particularly in the seasonal and changing environments like the Arctic and the mountains of East Africa. My research includes community, landscape, and behavioral ecological perspectives, and has recently focused on gelada monkeys in Ethiopia and plant-animal interactions in Arctic Greenland, Canada and Russia.  

The concept of scale is at the interface of many of my research questions, linking the ecological dynamics of individuals and communities to broader regions, particularly in the context of climate change.  In addition to satellite-derived data, I incorporate quantitative time-lapse photography and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to bridge observational gaps in field data through both time and space.

Currently I am a Neukom Institute for Computational Science Post-doctoral Fellow '16 and a Dickey Center Visiting Arctic Fellow at Dartmouth College.


I use photographs as a research tool, but also as a way to share complex science and natural history stories.  See the Photography tab for more on my work with National Geographic and others.